City of Denver facility status as it relates to COVID-19 (3-19-2020)
City Hall – Closed to the public until further notice, however, we are still conducting business. If the issue requires face-to-face discussion, please call for an appointment. Phone 984-5642 7:30 a.m. to noon and...(Continued)
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For 56 years, Judy Buss has made a living by styling hair. Throughout the years, the name of her business and location has changed, but her love for the salon and conversations with clients remained the same. Buss has decided to head into retirement and shut off the curling irons one last time.
These are unprecedented times. Our school has been monitoring this closely for some time and will continue to do everything we can to make sure all measures have been taken to keep everyone safe.

Our memorable moments go hand-in-hand with the team goals we had set in the beginning of the season, said Denver boys basketball head coach Kyle Matthias.
When head coach Joseph Frost reflects on the seniors of his team, he sees a lot of growth.
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